How to become Rich and Financially Independent?

How to become Rich
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How to become Rich and Financially Independent?

How to become rich starting from scratch without massive investments?

It’s still the biggest question for most people I encounter: , is it still possible to get rich from scratch or without investing a lot of Money .

That’s exactly what I did. I got my financial independence without Investing hefty money into it .

How did i do it ? How to break the “code” of  wealth ? How to break through the barrier of poverty ?

“ Lets Know Today ;

How to become rich starting from zero ?

I will explain the steps on getting your financial independence .

Let me describe where I am from.

My parents have always had a decent income. You know, those who make money getting good formal education and following the regular “work hard play ssafe psychology working in private sectors , not being entitled to any government help what so ever .

For Them the only way out to a safe future was to spend less , Cut on expenses , save more money  .

Which meant letting go of opportunities and experiences to save for a better tomorrow .

But hard won-balances and future never work the way you want them to . I wanted to start my business , but my parents couldn’t afford spending a fortune of their money on something which was volatile and quite nonexistent from their point of view .

I found myself over-indebted . That is to say, I took loans,  that i could no longer pay especially the repayment of  the office that I had purchased from private financing .

With my research, we were able to file another loan at the Bank of India which helped me  spread the debts to pay them back, which then  my parents paid for me . It was stupid of me to start a business without relevant market skills

So I looked for ways to earn my life, develop my wealth, repay my parents , become rich. And especially to never run out of money again  .

My dream had never been of sports cars, villas and all the bling-bling stuff that we all see in the Internet today . My dream was to save myself from the lack of money. And that meant getting rich and getting the financial Independence .

Getting rich is generally used as an expression of someones future . But for Me it was Independence , independence from loan , debts and failures .

Fortunately,  they don’t haunt me anymore.

Today it is very simple: I enter any store , Or restaurant and I buy what makes me happy  .No more do I need to flip the price tags if I find something to buy . The price tag  is no longer relevant or a problem to me .

You would ask what is money ? I would say it is something which helps you get your stuff done easily.

Before I used to take public transports while traveling. Now I get to enjoy the Privacy of my own car with the time to work in the same while my Driver drives me to the airport .

Money Drastically Increases Productivity

how to become Rich : As Time increases productivity

So How  do I  become rich when starting from scratch?

There are no miracle recipes, secrets …Here I’m going to talk about your mindset , state, action and attitude.

When someone wants to earn More or become rich  , the ideas and its believe has to submerge in you . How stupid you may find this to be , but it’s the most important step .

Wake up every morning , and for 15 minutes go to the mirror and say to yourself : Yes I am Rich , Yes I am Successful

We always come across these two things  

  1. That it is luck what makes you rich and successful , which tempts us to think that we can become rich without doing anything, and totally waiting on for luck to work on
  • On the other hand, we often hear that you have to be ripped off towards your work to become rich. 

All of these ideas often block a lot of people.      

But none of these ideas are true when you want to become rich in a sustainable way. For  Me, I did it by being in agreement with myself. At my own pace, but also being happy and proud of the journey I have made. What I have done has been a pleasure every day, and it is still the case today.

What I did, was to basically build a kind of addiction for a particular niche , develop skills, invest heavily in maturing those skills with time and the limited money that i had . And finally starting my own sustainable business.

Today, I have 7 lands with holiday resorts  , 122  moveable camps in holiday destinations ,1 apartment , 1 Office ,  my stock market shares now earn me roughly  $ 1,500 in dividends per month, I continue to build and develop my box of Independence. I have a wealth that has reached two million dollars  without me being a hard worker; although I work regularly and diligently.

How to become rich from scratch? In my opinion, there are 3 keys to get there, these are the MAA .

Mindset “M” : This is your state of mind, the way you see the world.

When we are not interested in the power of our brain, we underestimate the fact that everyone has a different view of the world, with their own accepted ideas. Certain types of mindset can nevertheless become rich.

For example, if you believe that you are able to enrich yourself, you will get there. 

If, on the contrary, you think you are bad with money and you are not ready to make money … naturally, you will not have any results.

There are several states of mind to adopt to become rich, including 2 in particular:

  1. To change your mindset , the easiest way is to change the people you are around.

It is said that one person is the average of the five others who are closest to him. So, if among 5 of your friends, there is no millionaire, entrepreneur … who have had an inspiring journey for you, it will be difficult to get there.

So, mix with different people!

Dilute the negative people around you. Diluting does not mean that you have to cut the bridges violently. You can just add new positive people to around yourself and that will naturally improve things!

If you do not have easy access to these people, create a virtual Mastermind through books. Read the biographies of people who did what you want to do …; and make these people become actual make believe characters in your life.

It’s a little odd, but you  will  gradually become people who inspire you and to which you will be able to think just like your inspiration would In a similar situation . 

  • To succeed, you must also want it and therefore have some level of ambition.

Ambition is a big deal today . If you say your fellow folks that they are not ambitious enough , 99 % of them would take this as an Insult .

May be that’s right for now ,  Yet if one wonders how to become rich from scratch ?,

one of the obvious answers is ambition.

If you do not have enough ambition, you will not succeed. Obstacles, disappointments, fears will soon extinguish the fire in you & guess what you will remain exactly where you are .

So you have to believe in yourself: that you are capable, that you are worth it and that you will get there.

Most people do not think it’s possible for them, others think you have to be part of a certain circle, have contacts … Obviously, it’s all going to help, but if you start from scratch, you’ll have to mold yourself  accordingly with ambition .

If I asked you on what scale would you live your life from 1 to 10, no one will ever say  that a 5/10 is good for me . 

 If you want to live a 10/10 life , you need to have the Mindset of people who want to succeed while remaining honest, consistent and aligned with yourself.

Attitude “A” : You will be able to succeed if you have an attitude that corresponds to success.

To become rich, you have to become someone worthwhile . It is not a question of personality or human value, but of the value you can bring to others .

It can take different forms: the way of dealing with things, the creation or simply the realization of something that no one else wants to do. The more you work on yourself, the more you will improve your skills : social, emotional, technical.

Why do you think thousands of people drop me DM’s on how to scale my business ? Because I have developed a lot of value in this sector

For someone wanting to create financial freedom with digital marketing , I have a lot of value.

On the other hand, for a person wanting to learn astrophysics , I have no value, I do not know anything about it.

You will become a worthy person, and you do not miss anything.

So, to know if you are progressing just go through the stuff that you learned yesterday which you did not know last week …

What makes your tomorrow is a better today, something more relevant , more accurate and change you into a skilled man ? If you can not answer this question, start learning something useful RIGHT NOW

Become someone worthwhile, who has value.

Action “A” : You have to apply all that.

It’s nice to read books, talk to people, have the right attitude towards something … but you have to know how to apply it.

I have seen a people  giving authoritative and big advice’s in digital marketing  for years until the day I discovered that few of those people  did not even own a website .

Their knowledge were purely theoretical.

Whereas You Apply, act, and that is when you actually know and learn .

Because it is the application that facilitates  learning. Practical Learning  brings competence and the more  competent you become ,  more money flows in .

A simple trick here is to ask each time you learn something: “How will I apply it?” This is a great way to  translate information into practice.

Repeated practice will become a skill. And your  competence in the field will be answered back by the  money that you make :  

How to become rich?

An important point to note: “You must create instead of consume” .

Create something in this world,  whether it’s writing, art or video. If you do not create anything and you do not propose anything, nobody will come to say to you: “well, I have $ 500  and I want to give them to you”.

For that, you must have something to offer them. And for that to be possible, you have to create. 

What you create initially will not have much value, but over time, your creation will gain value .

And you see, right now how this advice is adding value to your life.

If you have a good mindset, ambition, skills and you create something (anything) then you will take the highway of wealth.

Once you start , you will have accumulated so much knowledge that your results will be inevitable. I’m not saying you’ll be a billionaire because that’s an exception, an anomaly. But you can largely become a millionaire, multi-millionaire by following these principles.

So these 3 aspects: Mindset, Attitude and Action , are the easiest ways to apply one after the other to become rich from scratch .

Orient your mind towards the positives of life . Towards helping. Towards doing better than yesterday. Step by step. To go beyond yourself and not to crush others. By solving concrete problems for which allready services exist.

And do what you do every day tirelessly. 

Keep improving every day .

You should also try to follow rules written in bhagwat geeta to succeed

Your daily practice will bring you closer to your goal.

So maybe you want me to give you a magic pill, a secret that we, the rich, keep between us. But nothing like this exists (or i may not be aware of it!). The method to get rich know by me is only 1. The regular grind

It’s up to you to apply it!

Remember, money is not the most important thing in the world. But it’s still a pleasure to have a few million dollar’s in your  pockets.

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